Test Your Knowledge

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Battle Realms Impossible Quiz. Let’s see how well you do. If you didn’t have at least 90%, don’t worry. That’s why I call this quiz the Impossible Quiz. You only have 2 chances to do this quiz. Try to get at least 90% !

Oh, I forgot to tell you the time is already running out while you read this.


Welcome to your Battle Realms General Quiz

1. What is the maximum rice storage in Multiplayer game?
2. What Battle Gear has the description "Enfeebles all adjacent enemies for a short time at the cost of stamina." ?
3. In the wolf's clan, how many wolves can follow Longtooth?
4. What is this?
5. In the Starting of each game, before selecting the peasants, what key do you press to bring your screen to the center of the map?
6. How many units in total does the Dragon clan have excluding Kenji?
7. The hotkey "E" is for what in Battle Realms?
8. Which of the following unit is the weakest against the Serpent's Cannoneer in 1v1?
9. In the Battle Realms Option, when you adjust the voice sound level, who speaks?
10. What clan has health upgrade for its peasant?
11. What type of damage does "Song of Sorrow" makes?
12. What is the fastest unit in Battle Realms? Don't forget to include the use of battle gears in your consideration.
13. When you use the hotkey "C", what sound does it make?
14. What unit says "Armed and Dangerous" ?
15. What clan in Battle Realms have the least number of battle gear?
16. What clan in Battle Realms have the soundtrack call "Harvest Time"?
17. What is the hotkey to build a Combat Pit?
18. How many form does a peasant hut has, from start to finished building. (Include the form when you placed the hut and the actual finished hut)
19. What clan in Battle Realms has the Battle Gear call "Soul Chill"?
20. What is the name of Taro's brother?