Do you want to play Battle Realms Online? Here's a way.

Since GameSpy discontinued, the only good way to play Battle Realms online is via Gameranger. Gameranger is a platform that help you play Battle Realms with your friends. Each player should have Battle Realms and a Gameranger account in order to connect to play Battle Realms together through the internet.

As a visitor of this site, we will give you something to start with. A version of Battle Realms that is enough for online gameplay. This version is incomplete, but it is still enough for online play. If you want to have the full version, please purchase a copy of it at GOG.com

Click here to go to the Battle Realms Download Page.

Click here to go to Gameranger Website.

Download our new Map:

Imagination BenLotus




BenLotus' current top 10 players

Ben's List: (Ben does not put himself in here because he is the one who created this list. The list is based on how hard are these player for Ben.)

  1. Hoa / Leviticus™
  2. King / Travis / Snorlax™
  3. Mani
  4. Master Bater / Teo / A
  5. Yonathan / Dani
  6. Hoksha
  7. Quoc Dinh (goolge.com)





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You probably know this site because of the game Battle Realms. Our old forums BR-Forums.com is offline, but now we have this. I wish you enjoy this site as much as the old site. New features will be added periodically whenever I am free. As of right now, we already have the new discussion board, and a new download section. Feel free to register.


If you are a Battle Realms player and wants to play on Gameranger, you are in luck. You can ask Ben anything about the game Battle Realms and how to get started on Gameranger. Feel free to join the discussion board if you have any question. I do not support modding of the game Battle Realms, because it will ruined the fun of playing against another player.


10 ways to use this site:


  1. Use this site to look or search for a Gameranger player you want to add. Simply go to the Gameranger ID tab above this page to search.
  2. If you want to watch Battle Realms gameplay, you can now use this site to watch. I will no longer put videos on my Youtube Channel.
  3. If you want a challenge against me, simply ask me on Gameranger at ID: 270840 and asked to be rated. If you ask to be rated, the results of the game will be posted here. You can also asked to be recorded and the videos will be posted here.
  4. Use the discussion board to discuss about every thing in this universe.
  5. Read latest news about Battle Realms and Anything else about the world.
  6. Download Battle Realms popular maps to be use on Multiplayer.
  7. Download a copy of Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf to play on Gameranger.
  8. You can show off to other players that you have won against Ben, especially Ben's Lotus (hehe).
  9. You can ask Ben to put anything about you on the Battle Realms Player's page. Contact Ben for more information.
  10. Look at other people's lost.  ( haha )


I will add more ways to use this site in the near future. Hope to see you all soon 🙂


Best to all,


BenEducationNotice (a 12 years old IGN)